In The Ghetto

In 1968, Elvis Presley had his major musical comeback called, ” ’68 Comeback Special.” Aired at NBC and was Elvis first major television appearance in years. The comeback was a major success and it made Elvis “cool” again.In the Ghetto, came out in 1969 almost a year after his comeback. So why is his major comeback so crucial to the song? Because of the comeback, he was in the spotlight again and he wanted to show the world that he still had it. Timing is important to his comeback, because he made his comeback a little after the British Invasion and people were again riding the Elvis Presley band wagon.

In the midst of his comeback, he recorded In The Ghetto, My personal favorite song of his collection. It was written by Mac Davis and Produced by Chips Moman. The song was a hit and it was his first song in years to hit theTop 10.

Imagefat elvis

The song was originally called “The Vicious Circle” and references from the title can be heard in the song. The song is different from his other major singles because its a moody, dark, depressing song about the hardships of living in the ghetto of Chicago, Illinois. The song starts and ends the same way, by a birth of an other poor hungry kid in the ghetto.

Before I run down the lyrics of this awesome song, see the video and than read on.

You heard it? I give you a second for those tingles in your spine to leave.

The song starts with a nameless baby being born to the harshness of the ghetto. The kid is nameless because the story is so common that baby could be anyone. The mom already has a large enough family to have any other kid. Elvis is pleading with the listener to hear this song. To see whats happening and to help or the ghetto will produce an other person that will be upset at the world because the world forgot about him.

As the poor child grew, he had no means to live so he turned to a life of crime. Which resulted in his death. One nameless child killed by his environment. And other child born destined to live the hardness of the ghetto. A vicious circle within the ghetto.

Not only is this one of Elvis Presley biggest songs, it also been covered by a number of other artist including his own daughter and Eric Cartman from South Park.