Back when I was about to enter high school and be a freshman, I was coming back from a great beach trip in Fire Island with a good friend of mines family. His family was a family of great musicians, his mom a great Jazz singer and pops a storyteller. They were always introducing me to new things, I had my first Passover with them and they would bring me to many different music shows. So it wasn’t unusually on the way back my friend’s father asked me if I wanted to go to a concert. I asked what was the show and he told me that it was George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelics and they were performing at the Apollo.

On the drive into the city, I learned quickly the lyrics to “We want the Funk” by the Parliaments. This song was the second single off of Parliaments 1976 album Mothership Connection. Its original title was “Give it up for funk (tear the roof of that sucker)”. It was Parliaments first certified million-selling song, going gold in 1976.

It is confusing having two groups, which is what George Clinton did, well it was more of an ensemble. There were the Parliaments and Funkadelics, but they were really a basis of five different musicians. William “Bootsey” Collins played bass guitar, Eddie “Maggot Brian” Hazel played lead guitar, Bernie Worrel played the keyboard and George Clinton was lead vocals.


That was my jam; I was screaming at this theatre by the time we got there, I had no idea what the Apollo was and no real recognition of how lucky I was to see this band. I learned after though and I think I acted in the right fashion. It was a great concert, the beginning was started with “We want the Funk” but by the end all there were, was guitar solos.