Queen of Hearts

By Liron Cohen

Having already written a blog about Barbra Streisand, being set to present about showtunes and write another blog about the 80s, and not wanting to repeat myself, my favorite song selection had narrowed down considerably. So I decided to go with a song that had a significant meaning in the history of my life and of the world in general, and that my fellow classmates are probably too young to remember.

On August 31st, 1997 I was listening to the radio in my car, when the news was announced that Princess Diana was involved in a car crash. A few days later, I would be sitting in my living room and, along with the greater part of the rest of the world, would watch, dazed and bewildered, the funeral of our princess. Because she may have been Britain’s royalty, but she was our Queen of Hearts. She embodied everything that was good in the world. I looked up to this beautiful woman for inspiration and hope. Her candle burnt out long before her legend ever will.

Queen of Hearts Princess Diana Wedding

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