such a great karaoke song


My mom moved to the US in 1969 at the early age of 9,  yet for some reason my sister and I were never really introduced to 60s or 70s music especially that of rock and roll. Sure we knew that Elvis was the king but we didn’t know his voice like we can identify now that we’ve been tutored by our own music searches on youtube and what not. One group I did listen to that was mentioned a couple times in the rock and roll section was none other then Aerosmith. I still remember where I was the first time I heard ” I don’t want to miss a thing.” I was in my aunts room and she was watching mtv back in the good old days when they used to have the videos streaming instead of bad reality tv shows. This song started playing and I just sat down to look at the video and then I forgot I was watching it and starting singing along with her. She put me on the road to discover most of my first favorite artists like gwen stefani in no doubt. 

“I don’t want to miss a thing” will always make me want to sing along to it. The single was released in 1998 and was featured  in the film Armageddon.  The song was Aerosmith’s first and only number 1 single when it debuted at the top position on the hot 100  and stayed on top of the charts for four weeks. I really believe that this song helped introduce Aerosmith to a new generation. My generation. I was about eight years old when I heard this song. 

Now in my early twenties my friends and I like to pick old songs to do karaoke because they are always so much better to connect with the audience at the bar. Aerosmith is always a good choice for karaoke because everyone knows this song. They’re my kind of rock and roll.