My favorite song

Having the question asked of “what is your favorite song?” is a question everyone has been or will be asked at least once in their lifetime. But the answer to that question is harder than one may expect. After all there are millions of songs out there to choose from. Not to mention, even if you get to narrow down that number to several songs, which one do you choose? Do you choose the first song you loved? The song your currently love? Or the song that you just never get tired of? With this said I attempted to pick my favorite song by weighing all of these questions and other factors. This would lead me to pick Avenged Sevenfold’s songs I wont see you Tonight part1 and 2.
These two songs are not only creating a song that lasts about 13:44 minutes long, but uses those 13:44 minutes to sadden you, excite you, pump you up, etc. it’s in short a musical roller coaster for your feelings. From part one play very soft and using pianos, and slowly going to a rock-like feel is an incredible mix, and then to continue on with part two and go all out in a metal type form, screaming, playing heavy in all aspects, not to mention playing a lot faster.
Part 1 of the song is about the attempted suicide of the singer Matt Shadow’s friend and original bassist of the band, Justin Sane. Matt Shadows sings both parts 1 and 2, but in two different perspectives. Part 1 talks about Justin sane wanting to commit suicide and the pain he is gone through. In this Part Matt Shadows sings through Justin’s Perspective of everything in life and actions. In part 2 Matt sings through his own perspective, talking about himself and his actions if Justin died.
Overall These two songs are incredible and is the reason why I chose them. Not only its been 10 years and I still enjoy the songs as much as the first time I heared them, but its great in the emotion one can release in a song. Also I chose this song because it shows how a metal band is not just growls, screaming plaing heavy etc. Instead it shows the other side of metal bands being very passionate for their music, putting a lot into their songs, and can play in more ways than the general stereotype their given as a metal band.