The Jackson 5- Where it began for Michael Jackson

I’ve always loved Michael Jackson’s music. Although, I have to admit I never knew how it all began . I wondered how he got discovered and what was his journey.


Micheal Jackson was Born in August 29, 1958. He lived in Gary,Indiana with is his 4 brothers, mother, and father. Micheal Jacksons father, Joseph Jackson use to be a musician. He wasn’t very successful and so he had this drive to help his sons become what he couldn’t . He wanted to make his boys stars. It took a lot of him . He invested in his sons for a long time. The boys would go to school , come home and play music all day long. They won talent shows that would help them afford things such as costumes, travel fares etc. By 1967 they were playing in clubs and theaters from Chicago to Baltimore mostly to black audiences.

Michael Jackson along with his 4 brothers were discovered by Motown. At the time Micheal Jackson was in a musical group along with with his brothers called “Jackson 5” . The group was being managed by their dad. Berry Gordy signed the Jackson 5 to Motown in 1968. They moved in with Berry Gordy in LA and also Diana Ross from the supremes. The Jackson 5 would do the opening acts from The supremes shows.

At this point everyone was stunned by Jackson 5. Especially Micheal everyone looked at him with admiration because of his explosive talent. People thought he was older than he was because his talent and age didn’t match up . It was incredible. Michael Jackson blew everyone away with his James Brown moves.

Later Deke richard teamed up with Berry Gordon to help The Jackson 5 make their first hit . The boys rehearsed and discovered a funky sound that will identify them. They made their first hit “ I want you back” . It hit number 1 on the billboards Hot 100 in 1970. Jackson 5 were on the move. Young and successful. There was Jackson five cartoons, stickers, lunch boxes. They were everywhere and everyone loved it.They were living the dream.


After releasing 3 successful albums, Motown and Jackson 5 were no longer on the same page. One of the brothers had married the daughter of Berry Gordon and so when Jackson 5 let go of Motown to go along with CBS, that brother stayed with Motown. Motown did not only keep the Jermaine on its side but they kept the name The Jackson 5 with them as well. That’s when Michael and his other brothers switched to “ The Jacksons”.

Being with CBS wasn’t the same as being with Motown but either way they pulled through they released three more albums. Somehow it wasn’t enough. Michael Jackson wanted something more than to just be part of the group . He had the urge to go solo. And so, one night of Motowns 25th annual celebration the Jackson 5 came together and performed together before Micheal Jackson performed his music that night and the rest was history.

…… “Thriller”(1982) had happened. Michael became huge as a solo.