Sir Elton Hurcules John by Eva Senatore

Elton John, born under the name of Reginald Kenneth Dwight, is one of those musicians that has been successful and has maintained his success throughout the decades. He showed an interest to music at a young age and it was discovered that he had an incredible talent and an ear for music. Elton John began taking piano lessons at the age of five and continued on to studying at the Royal Academy of Music from ages 11 to 15.

He became well known for his wacky onstage costumes which he has recently toned down but this English singer-songwriter has been remembered for his iconic accompaniment of the piano as he performs the music that he has composed. Elton John has worked alongside Bernie Taupin who writes the lyrics for the songs and has been working with him and helping him with his rock career for over 40 years where they have collaborated and created 30 albums together.


One of his most known albums included Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which was released in 1973. It was released under the labels of Mercury Records and Polydor Records and the album won the Grammy Hall of Fame Award. The single Goodbye Yellow Brick Road from the album has been deemed by some critics as one of his best songs. After it was released with the album, the song entered the Top Ten on a national scale being a part of the list in both the United Kingdom and the United States. You can hear the sounds of soft rock in the song that Elton John was influenced by.

Well known artists have done covers including Sara Bareilles who considers herself to be a pop-soul artist. Her cover adds a little softness to the tone of the song which has mixed reactions with fans who are familiar with her work as well as the work of Elton John.

Elton John is known by the younger generation for his work from the Disney movie The Lion King. He worked alongside Tim Rice to create some of the songs from this movie. The animated movie was released in 1994 and gives credits Elton John for his contribution for the three most featured songs of the movie. He is the credited artist for The Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata, and Can You Feel the Love tonight which he actually had the opportunity to sing and his version can be heard on the movie’s album.

Hakuna matata is still an iconic song and is still highly regarded among its fans, mine included:

The Circle of Life is also still iconic for being the opening scene:

All three of these songs were nominated in 1994 for an Academy award for Best Song but Can You Feel the Love Tonight won over the other two songs.

Elton John also had the pleasure of watching the Disney movie become huge hit on Broadway where this picture was taken with the cast at the West End in 1999.


Little did they know that the musical would still be a hit almost 20 years later.