Don’t Want Nun

There’s no denying that I love most, if not all, the songs that get featured on the “top 40” lists on radio stations. I adore listening to all my guilty pleasures and in 2014 alone, so many artists have been making hits and topping the charts themselves. With this knowledge, I peered into the deep meaning of a song growing exponentially in popularity to see what insightful, motivational and moving message this song, like many other songs of this generation, is sending!

Song choice: Anaconda


We all know Nicki Minaj for her curves, her eccentric style and her rapping abilities that not many female artists have. She is a popular music icon in our culture, and with this title comes the power to be a role model. In her new (and too racy to show) video for her hit “Anaconda,” Minaj definitely proves that hard work will bring you the results you want; buns that will make people say “OMG Becky look at her butt!” The song is without a doubt a tribute to the hit of its time and equally motivating song, “Baby Got Back.” Now let’s look at the powerful lyrics Minaj has given us.

He toss my salad like his name Romaine
And when we done, I make him buy me Balmain

Minaj shows us the true signs of deep, irrevocable love. A give and take type of relationship that gives young women the hope of finding someone that not only knows how to make a killer salad, but also showers them with gifts. In today’s culture where people are so disconnected from each other because of technology, it is enlightening to see an artist such as Minaj reviving the meaning of connection and love. The rhythmic beat and catchy chorus really seal they deal for this song!

P.S. I do in fact love this song, even if I am criticizing it’s very being!