A Teenager in Love-Dion and the Belmonts

While scouring for an interesting artist to write this blog review about, I came across Dion and the Belmonts. They were initially known as The Belmonts, originiated from Bronx, NY, and came together as a group in the mid 1950s. A song of theirs that received the most credibility is called “Teenager in Love” (1959). It was their first song that skyrocketed to number five on the Billboard Hot 100. The reason the song was so fascinating upon my first listen was that it was so wholesome and calming to hear. It is not surprising that love songs these days manage to come across as melancholy and mediocre. Generic lyrics usually include begging for the other person back, or missing someone. This song exceeded my expectations listening to it. The Belmonts are a doo-wop group, so the song started off with a perfectly in sync harmonization of their voices.

The lyrics are simplistic and showcase what most teenagers tend to feel for their first love. It speaks of the hardships, high strung emotion, and the pleasantries that come along with a fresh perspective on life with someone. “Each time we have a quarrel, It almost breaks my heart’Cause I’m so afraid That we will have to part”. What the group is emphasizing may not seem like much but they sing in such a heartfelt manner that you cannot help but relate to what they are saying. Everyone has gone through a point in their life in which they’ve understood the pros and cons of a relationship, thinking “why must I be a teenager in love?” Everytime i hear this song, i cannot help but think it would be played in an all American diner in the 1950s on a jukebox. It is cute, and hard not to find catchy!