Nostalga for Two Generations

Badfinger’s “No Matter What” may have been released in 1970, but that doesn’t mean it can strike up memories of childhood for only one generation. A younger crowd such as myself may recognize it from the 1995 film Now and Then.

It is classified into the genre of power pop, which when uncovering its roots is not surprising. Power pop draws on 60s rock from America and Britain. It clearly has elements of pop as well.

Badfinger were signed by Apple Records, which was created by The Beatles in 1968, a year after Brien Epstein’s death. It’s understandable why many thought the song was a Beatles tune when they first heard it. There are rock elements along with a strong melody, harmonies, and a pronounced guitar riff, one that always sends me straight back to watching Now and Then with my cousins on the living room floor.

Bringing in my study of 70s Punk from the project, you can hear how “No Matter What” is an example of the non-threatening rock music that developed in this time period. There is nothing breaking rules about this song. It is catchy, it’s clean, it’s clear, and it’s not a song that parents would worry about their children listening to. Even in the promotional video you can see how clean cut it is; there are men playing music in a meadow and going down to a brook.

Just for entertainment’s sake I thought I’d share the sometimes-categorized-as-hair-band, undisputed New Wave Rock Def Leppard cover from 2005 even though it doesn’t fit into the time frame for this post.

Daniela Capolongo