Lean On Me – Bill Withers & Glee (70s)

Imagine, standing in a room filled with people but still feeling alone or sitting by yourself and feeling even more alone, now turn on some music and all of a sudden you’re not alone. Imagine your toughest time, your hardest moment, a time in your life in which you felt as though you wanted to give up and now think, think about what you did.

Music has a way of being there for us during our hardest times, it has a way of reaching out to us and reminding us that we are not alone. For me, music has always been an escape, I always found a song for any problem I faced, if I was going through a hard time I rarely looked to others because it was always hard for me to allow someone to get that close. Music was the only thing that I felt truly understood and could explain what I was going through. Today it still is my salvation, my shelter during my toughest times. In the Bill Withers song Lean On Me he reminds us that we are not alone. His song provides that reminder needed by anyone facing a tough time, a time in which they feel as though its them versus the world, that no matter what the situation we do have someone out there for us to lean on.

This song is a classic, pure song about friendship about having someone in your own corner for yourself. It’s a soulful classic that is still around today one in which many have chosen to remake and cover. I found that the Glee version that I have attached, to be the best. The fact that they sing this song, together in a group is what makes it so amazing and makes it so easy to resonate with. As opposed to just having one voice soulfully belting out the melodies of the song, we have a group bringing the lyrics to life. What I found to be the best part of the cover is the way in which they maintained the same melody, and same layout of the song, unlike many other artist that sped up the beat to turn it into a pop dance song or added harder instruments to make it “really” make an impact (on your ear drums) Glee chose to keep it all the same, maintain the simplicity of the song. It is the simplicity of the song and the composition that I appreciate, because through it we are able to actually hear the song and not just listen to it. Unlike many songs today that serves as no purpose and really has no meaning to it, Bill Withers was able to write one that not only has a meaning but has a lasting one, one that has made such an impact to still be around today, even being featured in movie scenes and shows.