Bee Gees-Jive Talkin’

The Bee Gees’ “Jive Talkin” was released as a single in May 1975. It hit number one on the Billboard top 100 charts and was known as a solid comeback for the Bee Gees. It had been especially interesting to hear music such as this at the time because electronic synthesizers had been newly incorporated into the music industry. For this song specifically, they happened to use an electronic synthesizer bass line. It appeared on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack due to its high demand. The song has a slightly funky sound to it, which meshes well with the era in which disco was heavily popular. Upon hearing this for the first time, I had thought it had somewhat of a positive underlying message to it because the melodies are so upbeat and cheerful sounding.

The term “jive talkin” seemed to be said countless times, so I decided to search for the definition. It is essentially a term for speaking bullshit. Someone is talking all of these lies at you and you know they’re no good, yet you cannot help yourself but to keep coming back for more! Even artists in the 70’s seemed to be able to relate to the same issues people (such as myself) encounter in their lives on a daily basis. Overall, great sound and ambience. I cannot help but find it stuck in my head after listening to it a few times because the lyrics loop over and over. After finding out the song was able to include such a negative connotation without sounding melancholy or upset made me appreciate it that much more. It is very difficult, in general, to have the sounds and lyrics contrast so greatly, but here it works perfectly. It has an air of negligence that I think is so much fun to hear in lyrics that are meant to be directed towards someone who is a bullshitter.