Lose Yourself to Dance – Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams (Blog #4)

“Lose Yourself to Dance” starts off the beat of drums. A Disney-like “glitter scattering” sound effect is heard, followed by bass and rhythm guitars. It is sung by French electronic music duo Daft Punk (Thomas Banglater and “Guy-Manuel” de Homem-Christo) along with Pharrell Williams. This disco and funk song was released on August 13, 2013. It was the second single released by Daft Punk after “Get Lucky”, which is also sung by them. “Lose Yourself To Dance” has many remixes, such as DJ shocker remix and M-Hand Club Remix.

The lyrics of the song say that the singer knows “you don’t get a chance to take a break this often”. He implies that while you are listening to this song you are having some spare time that rarely comes. The singer also knows that “you’re life is speeding and it isn’t stopping” so he offers you to “take [his] shirt and just go ahead and wipe off all the sweat.” He offers you to “lose yourself to dance” many times.

During an interview with Vibe magazine in the summer of 2013, Thomas Bangalter said that they wanted to (or were trying to) redefine “what dance floor music can be. Whether it’s something lighter or something more primer. ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ is almost this idea of a timeless place or dance floor where you can lose yourself. The idea of unity of the dance floor, people being connected.”

Bangalter’s statement does match with the rest of the song’s lyrics: “Everybody dancing on the floor, getting ready for some more. Everybody on the floor, yeah come on.” This song makes one want to get up and dance. It can be interpreted and felt in many ways. For example, I would say that while listening to this song someone can forget what they are supposed to be doing for a moment and literally just “lose yourself to dance”. Even without the lyrics someone can find him/herself tapping to the beat.

In the video of the original version of the song, their clothing is, in my opinion, awesome. It reminds me of the Disco era and looks great.

While the original version is a funk and disco genre, the M-Hand Club Remix has a faster dance beat. I actually like the M-Hand Club Remix a bit more just because it is seems more fitting for today’s nightclubs. Also, it has an old fashion disco sound to it. To me, this version seems more fit for dancing than the original (which has a slower, somewhat calmer beat).

At 0:32 seconds the remix goes from just drums being beat to the rhythm guitar joining in (it sounds as if clapping comes in as well). Then at 1 minute and 32 seconds the drums leave for a bit, while a synthesizer becomes more pronounced. At 2 minutes and 32 seconds the remix gains momentum and at 3 minutes and 2 seconds it is a somewhat different, fast beat (but still catchy).

Daft Punk released “Lose Yourself to Dance” in their Random Access Memories album (their fourth studio album). Columbia Records is the label for this album and the album won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year (2014). The album pays tribute to music in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Random Access Memories is Daft Punk’s most successful album to date.

Have finals coming up? Need a break from studying or anything else? Listen to “Lose Yourself to Dance” and it is highly likely you will not be able to stop listening it (at least I was not able to the first time I heard it). Just lose yourself to dance.