Different Colors

Walk the Moon, has come a long way from it’s origination in Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently their trending song is Shut Up and Dance, which is slowly climbing the Billboard Top 100 at #83. Their fame was born with the popularity of their song Anna Sun, which was featured in television shows and played throughout department stores while customers shopped with an uplifting beat.

Different Colors, a song released form their album ‘Talking is Hard,” has struck a light on the controversy of a society uniting under the LGBTQ community. The song represents issues on gender and racial equality as well. This new album, released in December of 2014 is an opportunity to make a difference with their lyrics, with the hopes of success spreading their viral message of change. This “call to action” ties into the idea of how music brings people together. Music is universal, which is why it is the perfect format to stand up for their beliefs.

Walk The Moon, an indie-rock-pop band takes the political stance of gender and racial equality in a very light-hearted way. The song does not scare off an audience, but rather keeps them singing along with the catchy beat. Although the album is very diverse, the choice to make it the first track was very prominent. Lead singer, Nicholas Petricca’s voice is very clear, with diction. His smooth tones counteract the roaring beats. It’s one of those songs that make you bop your head in the car with the windows down and everyone can sing along. The lyrics are very repetitive. It’s interesting to see how music has transformed over the years we’ve studied.

As artists are coming forward in the LGBTQ community to show their pride, the message is beginning to solidify in a positive way through the uniting of music with its audience. Artists such as Mary Lambert have provided her audience with the touching lyrics of She Keeps Me Warm. In general, it is a love song. Controversial, maybe because it is a woman professing love for another woman, but nonetheless a ballad of love. “I can’t change, even if I tried…even if I wanted to.” As society hampers on same sex relationships, it’s transformative to see artists breaking through with songs of such. “Love is patient, love is kind…” – a common verse from weddings performed in the Christian church. The irony is very heightened when you get into the debate of heterosexual relationships and the values of the Christian church.

Saudia Yunus