New York Hardcore

Growing up in New York City, I was exposed to a vast majority of music. In my household, I didn’t have much variation because my parents weren’t that into different kinds of music, except for the classics. So I turned to friends from school and the internet to learn more about music. One of the music genres that really changed who I am as a person was hardcore. Hardcore for me was a way out of the norm. The more I got into it, the more I felt at home. Hardcore became a community for me, as well for many others that listen to the same bands and go to live shows.
The one band that got me into hardcore was a band called Gorilla Biscuits. I never thought that a band like this could influence me so much. Ironically, the band name comes from a drug that people used to do in the 90s and the band is full of straight edge members which means that who ever claims this refrains from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs. Listening to their music taught me what straight edge is and (not to sound repetitive) changed my life. I claimed straight edge as a form of resistance because I did not want to grow up like my parents and abuse these things. As I grew older, I was so happy I chose to live this lifestyle because it saved me from a lot of self-harm that other people my age have done with these man-made poisons. I’ve learned it takes a lot of dedication to be apart of this lifestyle.

This is video is Gorilla Biscuit’s full set at a festival I attended in 2012 called This Is Hardcore.

New York Hardcore has become a gamechanger in underground music in NYC. Many hardcore/punk bands influence newer hardcore bands today. Gorilla Biscuits started their career playing shows at CBGBs and now there are so many music venues throughout the five boroughs and Long Island. I’ve met so many friends that I can call family through this genre of music. Many people say it’s a violent subculture, but it shows how unified people are with the simplicity of music.


This song is called High Hopes

When you’re on your high horse and things aren’t going your way
you really don’t appreciate what you wanted bad yesterday.

But if I lost it – I’d still be the same
It won’t break my spirit – I’ll look ahead just the same
Times are hard it’s true – I’ll cope

But it won’t get me down cause I got – High Hopes

When you’re on the bottom the place to look is up
When things are getting better, don’t say enough
What you achieve – that’s for you to choose
You can always – regain what you lose

Something shitty happens and it hurts –
I’ll cope It’s time we all had – High Hopes

Some people can’t rebound when hardship hits their life
When they lose something they love and their friend’s holding the knife.
Pick up your head, get off the ground
These High Hopes that I have keep me from getting down.