Dubstep: Music’s Best Genre

Ah, dubstep.  Where would music be without you?

Dubstep was first created in 1998 in someone’s garage, and thank goodness it finally came!  The previous four centuries of music were boring, unoriginal, and so damn repetitive! But this new, innovative style of what technically counts as music blew them all away.  With its highly unique and thought-provoking lyrics, unpredictable song structure, and pleasing tones, it was a breath of fresh air in a music scene that needed a lip piercing.

Where to begin with this revolutionary musical genre?! WWWWWWWHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEE?!??????!!!!?

Did you appreciate that last word? Well you better! Because that is the most complex lyric in the history of dubstep! True, I just made it up by mashing my keyboard and adding too many letters and punctuation markings, but that’s what dubstep is all about. Being, and I kid you not this is a compliment to dubstep fans, “grose” (purposefully misspelled, because they’re too punk for proper word formation!)

Here are lyrics to an actual song by by dubstep’s champion, Skrillex.

Truly a groundbreaking masterpiece of music.

But if the lyrics themselves are unimportant to you, then you’re probably a dubstep fan already! But seriously, there’s so much more to love about this genre of…music!

Take, for example, the “song” in the previous video. Did you notice the layered, complex instrumentation? You shouldn’t have, because they only used a computer, and that’s it!  No other dubstep “artist” uses any other instrument, because pianos are for nerds!

In fact, dubstep is so unique, that it doesn’t dare create any new sounds, lest they be tied to already existing music. Instead, the geniuses who create dubstep recycle from themselves and each other, to stay truer to the genre.

The musical equivalent of Japanese tentacle porn, dubstep has grown popular among the youths of the greatest country on earth, the United States of America. What do they love about it?

Now, any good dubstep fan will never speak about why they love dubstep; discussions about it should only occur in poorly spelled YouTube comments and shouted amid a cacophony of the song in a club or rave party. True dubstep needs to break every speaker and eardrum possible with its volume, shattering your equilibrium forever.

Now no post about dubstep would be complete without mentioning its defining characteristic, the drop.  Yes, the most highly anticipated portion of any dubstep song is the bass drop, where everything goes quiet for a random word or phrase to be shouted into the microphone. This signals the bass and electronic Instuments to take their cue, and the following minutes of music can only be described as a simple, melodious wonder of elegance, simplicity, tact, sophistication, beauty, and refinement.

If you are intimidated by the musical stylings of master composer Skrillex, do not fear. There is a handy instructional video on how you too can become the most respected type of person on the face of this planet; a dubstep DJ.