The Health Benefits of Music

Music is inescapable, it is something that is very much ingrained in our society.  We are all aware of the effects music can have on us, whether it be getting us through a very emotional time, setting a specific type of atmosphere for an event, or simply motivating us to workout harder.  I was wondering, however, are there any other ways in which music can affects which I don’t know about? Apparently there are.  Below is a link to a very interesting article on the health benefits of music:

I will be blogging about the ones I found to be the most interesting.  So earlier I mentioned that music can help us workout harder, but apparently music ALSO allows us to recover faster after a workout.  Music, according to the article, also helps us function better cognitively.  A study is mentioned where students taking a test with music in the background were able to answer more questions, and answer them correctly as well.  I guess an increased function in our cognitive performance is the reason why a lot of people are better able to focus on, and do their homework with music in the background.  I personally work better when there is no noise at all, when there’s music I eventually end up paying attention more to the music that to what I’m working on; but I suppose that beats getting distracted by social media. The final interesting fact that I found about music is that stroke patients who listened to music were able to recover faster than those who didn’t listen to music.  There are possibly so many benefits to listening to music because our lives are comprised of sounds.  Even if we didn’t have music we have all the sounds nature have to offer, even the sounds our bodies make.  We are in tune with sounds as they are a part of being alive.  Hearing is a sense that brings back memories, memories which can bring out emotions in us.  I’m sure there are many more health benefits to be found either in other articles or to be found with the set up of new studies.  In a way music can be seen as a natural healer.