Blog #4: Fall Out Sell Out

I have always been a punk rock princess, thrashing out to rebellious lyrics with a booming bass drum. As an early teen, I was open to all kinds of rock, but became obsessed with an up and coming group from Chicago and Fall Out Boy was the first band I ever fell in love with. Lead singer patrick Stump had some of the most unique vocals I ever heard over a rock track and it didn’t heart that bassist Pete Wentz was easy on the eyes. With their first two albums making them known to the underground punk scene, A Nigh Out With Your Girlfriend and Take This To Your Grave, Fall Out Boy unleashed their break out record From Under The Cork Tree and the boys from Chicago got their first video break on MTV.

I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written After Me.

I was completely smitten with this band. They were obnoxious and loud and true to themselves with long ridiculous titles to most of their tracks, including ‘Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Lyrics To This Song’ and ‘Tell That Mick He’s On My List Of Things To Do Today’. Entering into the mainstream scene, the band hit it big with ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’, a catchy anthem in popular rock music in 2005 that ruled radio and video countdowns. The group successfully launched 3 hits that reached the Billboard top 10. However, with the boys being lavished with fame, quickly turned on their rock roots and played into their new found popularity.


FOB Then

Fall Out Boys next four albums, Infinity On High, Folie A Deux, Save Rock and Roll, and the currently released American Beauty American Psycho, have all been complete trash. Their spunky, overly produced back beats and childlike riffs categorize the once badass group as complete pop sell outs.



I will always have a guilty pleasure for the uniqueness of this group, but their new fluff tracks make me judge my music taste. In regards to their current album, AB/AP is lightyears removed from the savvy pop-punk craftsmanship of their 2003 debut Take This to Your Grave or their “Sugar”-y commercial breakout, 2005’s From Under the Cork Tree. Modern FOB is brasher, more excessive and way more expensive-sounding. The band uses layering to create their ‘revived’ sound, an example being “Centuries,” layering in Queen-like chipmunk choirs, melodramatic piano lines and comically massive hip-hop drum breaks.

Centuries – I hate to admit how catchy this track is

Their transition as a band has been interesting and exhausting to witness as an early fan, and now its more fun to poke fun at Fall Out Boy than appreciate them…though Pete Wentz is still a babe and I will continue to appreciate him as the host of Oxygen’s tattoo reality show Best Ink.

Samantha Alexander