True Stories Behind Famous Band Names

1.) KISS


Rumors flourished that the famous rock bands name KISS stood for Knights of Satan’s Service, but it is continuously denied. According to Paul Stanley, the band chose their name because it “just sounded dangerous and sexy at the same time.”

2.) Chumbawamba


The usual explanation for the band name is that it is a meaningless word the just rhymes. But in an interview, band member Danbert Nobacon told the story of how his dream influenced the name. The story was that in his dream he was looking for the bathroom, and instead of “Men” and “Women” on the doors, they said “Chumba” and “Wamba”

3.) Led Zeppelin


The name arose when Keith Moon was invited to play drums for the band and said the idea would go over like a “lead zeppelin.” Jimmy Paige liked the phrase so much that he decided to make it the bands name. He changed the spelling because he though Americans would be “too dumb” and misspell it.

4.) Velvet Underground


Velvet Underground was one of the most influential bands of it’s time. The name actually stems from the title of an S&M book a band member found on a sidewalk in New York. The book itself describes the underground sexual scene in 1960s America

5.) Steely Dan


When asked the story behind the name of their band, all they could get out was “The one with the notebook.” The bands name is actually from a book Naked Lunch by William Burrough. Steely Dan was the nickname given to a giant steam powered dildo.. which then goes on to have it’s own series. I guess you can say – I saved the best for last