The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are an electronica duo hailing from Manchester, England. Members Tim Rowlands and Ed Simons form the legendary team who got their start in 1989. The Chemical Brothers are considered pioneers of the big beat movement that took over the UK during the 90s. Big beat staples such as “Setting Sun”, “Life is Sweet”, “Elektrobank”, “Let Forever Be” and “Hey Boy Hey Girl”cemented the band formerly known as the Dust Brothers into the electronica scene. Their first three albums, “Exit Planet Dust”, “Dig Your Own Hole” and “Surrender” are regarded as some of the most influential British albums of all time. Stylistically, their sound never remains the same. For example, in their debut album “Exit Planet Dust”, the duo explores a more psychedelic sound; in their 2002 release “Come With Us”, the band dabbles a bit into house music.

As we enter the new decade, the Chemical Brothers continue to make their prescence known in the electronica scene. With the release of three more albums during the 00’s (“Come with Us”, “Push the Button” and “We Are The Night”), the duo finds a nuanced success. During this time, the duo finds themselves appealing to American audiences, thanks to the 2005 single “Galvanize” featuring Q-Tip. The commercial success of that song gave Rowlands and Simons their first two Grammys in 2006 for “Best Dance/Electronic Recoring” and for “Best Dance/Electronica Album” for “Push the Button”.

To date, the duo has gone to release two more albums in the 2010’s, with “Further” (2010) and most recently “Born in the Echoes” (2015).

Jeffrey A.