DJ Flip works his magic.

I log into Facebook to catch up on notifications and was tagged in a post with this DJ named DJ flip. I was completely impressed considering this guy was doing it live. Apart from his awesome skills, DJ Flip really took me on a trip with this mix he created. This mix was a journey because the songs he chose and how he chose to mix them together, they blended so well with his execution. This guy was different, he chose different vocals and instrumentals from various genres like hip hop, pop and rock . At times, particularly at 7:57 in the video I will link, it sounds like hes going to blend two songs together with one being the instrumental of Lean Back by Fat Joe and the vocals of Lean On by Major Lazer and DJ Snake but decides to switch things up and the opposite, using the vocals of Lean Back and instrumental of Lean On.  Even from the very beginning where he uses the Kanye line in conjunction with Family Guy I knew this guy had some originality. Honestly it’s the small things that count for me and there are many things DJ Flip does that just bring this whole performance together to be the masterpiece that it is. There is a link in the video that lets you download the mix for however much you want to pay, starting at $0.00. I don’t really listen to nor have I been a legitimate fan of any DJ, but starting today I am a fan of DJ Flip.