Remembering The Good Times During The Bad

Admittedly, I never heard of Bob Crosby and the Bobcats before I played the game Fallout 3. I didn’t really listen to oldies until that game and I wish that I had listened to this kind of music earlier. This song, especially in the context of Fallout 3, a game that takes place in the 200 years after a nuclear holocaust occurs, is very sad and beautiful at the same time. Imagine yourself alone in a nuclear wasteland with your only allies being a rusty rifle and a radio playing music and this plays.

Bob Crosby And The Bobcats – Happy Time

This song is about, as the name says, happy times. It is a fairly slow song but that works perfectly with the sounds. I couldn’t help myself bob my head side to side along with the calming sounds of the song with my eyes closed. Bob Crosby’s smooth voice, changing its pitch slightly when necessary, is accompanied with a cello, a trumpet, and a piano. The cello keeps a simple beat going while the other instruments circle around that beat. The trumpet brings life to those sections in where Crosby does not sing. The piano plays in the background, creating a path for everyone else to follow. The smoothness of his voice is just amazing

The lyrics capture the idea of nostalgia, a time that many wish to go back to when they feel unhappy or isolated, a time that they may have never known, only heard of. With lyrics like “Wish on the moon And look for the gold in a rainbow And you’ll find happy times” and “So wish on the moon And someday it may be tomorrow You will suddenly hear chimes And you’ll have your happy, happy times” it gives you hope that you will one day go back to a happier period. The way the music sounds like a contrast at the same time however, giving a sad feeling for an optimistic song. The mentioning of chimes gives a feeling of a Christmas morning that a person is looking forward to, maybe being his or her nostalgic source.

My only issue with the lyrics is its generic-ness. Yes, they do invoke feelings of nostalgia and any song that invokes a feeling is great, but the actual lyrics can be generic at times. With phrases like “And look for the gold in a rainbow” and “Though things may look very dark” feel like they’ve been used a lot. However, this is probably just nitpicking because of the generation I was born in where the lyrics were more forced to be more different.

But, even with this minor complaint, it’s still a great piece that leaves a warm feeling in your heart. Maybe it’s because I’ve become so used to faster paced music (with artists like Ryan Star and Watsky) that I felt that this slower paced song simply about being happy and remembering the good times is something that I needed. Maybe you can listen to it when you’re feeling stressed and have that weight lift off.

-Sheikh Ahmed