Church Drummer

This is probably one of my toughest blogs because I really didn’t know anyone who was part of a band. Then I realized that I could write about a band that I was in. I am stepping out of my comfort zone because I will be talking about my faith and beliefs in this blog. I hope everyone who is reading doesn’t mind.

So, I play the drums for my church. I don’t consider myself a professional because I haven’t really been taught by a mentor or a teacher. The drums was a loud and powerful instrument that blew me away when I attended a Christian Concert when I was around 9 years old. I always thought the drums was the coolest instrument and drummers were the coolest people. I remember trying to learn the basics every morning before school because my church was very close to my house. I looked up tutorials on the internet and downloaded basic drum beats on my I-pod and followed along. I grew up in a small church and it only consisted of 20 members (95 percent of the attendants were very elderly). The church had a dusty Yamaha drum set and nobody played it. It was a pretty good drum set and I got a older friend of mine to tune it for me. After a thorough clean and tuning, it was basically brand new. My mother told me that the elderly didn’t like a loud praise service. However, I remember her telling me to practice if I really wanted to and show the others how much I practiced. I remember her buying me my first drum sticks. They were all white and a bit too heavy for me but I loved it.

The only time I had to practice was in the mornings. I was a freshman in High school and it took me 3 years for people to start noticing my skills. Eventually, I was placed on the “praise band” because people have been curious. The band was small as well. There was a guitarist, a main vocalist, a piano player, and me. It was small compared to my praise team band now but it was extremely fun and exciting. Here is a picture of me playing at my old church.


Today, I am playing for drums at a different church. This new church is definitely much bigger and consists of many members. I moved because I wanted to connect with people around my age and look for a church who was okay with Contemporary Christian music. Many churches are still old school (which is fine) but that means drums are not favored. I understand because drums can be overwhelming because of the volume of the instrument. There is not such thing as playing “quietly” on the drums. Drums shouldn’t be abused by being played “quietly” or “lightly”.

There is a huge event called GKYM that is hosted by my church every year. Basically, my church and other churches gather to plan out a huge missionary event for young adult Christians. The event is international and many churches gather at the event. It is a conference style event where speakers, pastors, authors, celebrities, TV personals, and missionaries comes and speak their mission and works. It is a great way for attendants to share and connect with other people.

Gkym info

Today, I am part of a large praise band called GKYM Praise Band. The band was formed by gathering the best singers, guitarists, drummers, violinist, pianists, etc. The event is 4 days long and the band consists of at least 10 members. The band would rotate certain members so people can get rests. The actual event has around 3,000 people attending and every year it increases. These are some clips I have found on Youtube. I was not part of the GKYM band before but I will be in 2016! I am super excited and scared because most of the people who are on the band are either many years older than me or they are actual musicians.

Here are some GKYM Highlights and Promos!

GKYM Toronto 2014 Promo

GKYM Fest Rochester ’13 Recap 2

This is an actual song made by the GKYM band! It is a song that is played all the time for the opening and closing ceremony for the event. I actually know the composer of the song, Yoon Jon Sun. The song title is The Song That Will Never End (After The Rain). It is in Korean and unfortunately, I couldn’t find a translated version of the song. However, I think the instrumental alone can be appreciated.

The Song That Will Never End (After the rain)

Thank you!

Dennis K.