Jeremy on the 1’s and 2’s by Jeffrey A.

I’m very lucky to surround myself with creatives from of all walks of life. A lot of my friends include future directors, DJ’s, organizers, etc. One very close friend of mine, Jeremy, is both a DJ’ and producer. I decided to ask him about his creative outlets and future prospects.
“What were your first steps in creating music?”
Jeremy: Before high school, I was very into metal music. For me, hardcore metal gave me a feeling of release. When I started high school, me and a couple childhood friends bonded over our love for metal and eventually created our own band. We did a few local events in Queens and had fun at each one. When word got around how good of a bassist I was, I got offers from other bands to join theirs. I didn’t pay any attention at first, but when time constraints broke up my band, I rotated a lot of bands. Some weren’t metal per se, but I had so much fun playing live that I didn’t mind really.
“Did you expand your love for metal expand into other facets of your creative process”
Jeremy: For a while, as a high school senior, a friend and I started this podcast called “The Sandwich Hour” where we would just talk about the world of metal. We had so much fun sharing deep cuts with each other from bands like Emmure, Rise Against, Skindred, etc.
“What were your concert experiences like?”
Jeremy: I can’t even begin to tell you how many concerts I’ve been to. I have so many favorite bands that I’ve been lucky to see in New York. Whenever there was a metal concert in New York, it was a religious experience for me that I had to attend. I’ve associated moshing with the feeling of being at a reunion with my extended family. I’ve also been to electronic dance music concerts with artists like A-Trak, Flosstradamus and Dillon Francis. Going to these concerts actually introduced me this amazing genre.
“How did you make the transition from bass guitarist to producer?”
Jeremy: To be honest, metal rock is always going to be a part of who I am. However, it wasn’t until I got into the world of production that I saw how much fun these DJ/producers must have creating these beats and loops. Playing with samples on Ableton and FL Studio use to be only a hobby, but the more I kept using it, the more passion I would put into creating a finished project. There are so many early loops I’ve done that I now use as reference for current projects.
“What would you say describes your sound?”
Jeremy: In 2013, I was so into seapunk that I would try to emulate that sound in all of my songs. I would download seapunk compilations and study the drums and samples that went into it. Later on, I turned to artists like Chuck Person, The Avalanches, Aphex Twin, Nightmares on Wax and Diplo for more sample based production. In 2015, I now make glitch music. I’m a huge fan of noise; once again, metal is influencing my creation process.
“How far do you want to take your production?”
Jeremy: I want to get to the point, where I’m producing for rappers. I want to be responsible for the ever changing sound of hip hop. I see so many young producers adding new elements to hip hop that were never seen or thought of before. People like Ryan Hemsworth, Hudson Mohawke, Lido, and Cashmere Cat are some of my biggest influences at the moment. I want to carve my own notch into the alternate world of hip hop production. We are so fortunate to live in these times, and I hope to pioneer a brand new sound one day”