Spontaneous Motherlode


Marie Betesh

I have a few friends that started a band a couple of years ago. They are 2 years older than I am but I’ve always spent time with certain members of the band. The name of their band is Spontaneous Motherlode I decided for this blog I would interview individual members about how the band started, personal moments and what is going on with their band now. The band consist of 5 members: Abie Zarif- lead singer and plays guitar, Sammy Haber- guitar, Michael adjimi- drums, Isaac Ashkenazi- Bass guitar.

Abie                                     Isaac


Sammy ^^                              Michael ^^

I always try to be a supportive friend and come to any show I am aware of, and can go to. I’ve been to a couple of their shows. The first time I ever saw them play was in 2012 during the summer. They played in Deal, New Jersey for a charity event that my community does every summer called Deal Stock. They were really into their performance. Their “groupies” (more like best friends) were all mosh pitting in the front by the stage. The main singer, Abie, who also plays guitar, got so into the moment that at the end of the performance he smashed his guitar. Michael \ to try and crowd surf, which he was successful with. Unfortunately I was unaware he was going to crowd surf and I got knocked-down by his leg when it hit my back. I was totally fine but I haunt Michael about it whenever I get a chance!

I asked three band members the same series of questions. I asked these questions to Abie zarif, Michael adjimi and Sammy Haber.

  1. What was your first instrument you played and at what age?

Michael: Drums started at age 12

Sammy: guitar, age 17

  1. Why that instrument?

Michael: My brother had a drum set when I was growing up and I liked to make noise

Sammy: there were certain songs that I just wanted to play in my room and I pictured myself with a guitar.

  1. Do you play any other instrument?

Michael: Guitar, Bass, and Piano

Sammy: dabble with drums, bass, and keyboard. Also a tin whistle and a matafono.

  1. What group/ artist influenced you?

Michael: that’s a very big question with many answers. My first influence was listening to smells like teen spirit when I was 9.

Sammy: chili peppers

  1. Why and when did you start a band?

Michael: I was 19. Abie and Sammy asked if I wanted to start jamming. It was a shit load of fun from day one so we kept doing it.

Sammy: I felt like I needed to, it was more important to start a band than anything else.

6. What genre would you say your band plays?

Michael: to simplify it- 90’s rock

Sammy: high energy rock and roll

  1. Where did you perform?

Michael: trash bar, stone pony, Mercury lounge Webster hall studio the delancey. Many others I can’t remember the names.

Sammy: venues in NYC, NJ, and Boston

  1. Which performance was your favorite?

Michael: Webster hall

Sammy: deal stock in 2014

  1. Are you still a band?

Michael: sadly no

Sammy: not really but we still play together here and there

  1. If not why? If yes, did any band members change over the years -> why?

Michael: Everyone has a different musical direction of what kind of music they wanted to play.

Sammy: they didn’t really change, it’s just hard to get together and play with where we live and what’s going on in our day-to-day lives.

  1. What’s your favorite song your band plays? Can be a cover or an original.

Michael: What I Feel (Original) and Baba Oreilly (cover)

Sammy: nomad (original)


Spontaneous MotherLode.webloc

  1. What was your favorite moment with the band?

Michael: jamming in my grandmas attic when we first started playing and we were all horrible…But we loved it and there was genuinely noo place that any of us would have rather been.


(Asked Abie the same questions but he didn’t answer on time so…)



Just a quick side note (because I felt weird not mentioning another artist I know.. he is amazing) I have a best friend that isn’t in a band but he is a singer/ songwriter. He plays the drums and guitar as well and Is a very talented musician. He has the whole package in my opinion; he can sing amazingly, dance, plays many instruments and dresses really well. His name is Daniel Miz. He has been singing since the 8th grade but never really took it seriously until the 10th grade in high school. He played in a lot of venues, had a manager and recorded a few albums. He was asked to be in Americas got talent, X Factor and the Voice but his manager at the time advised him not to join any of those shows.

His voice reminds me a lot of Bruno Mars…. But you can see for yourself.

Cover of We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes off: https://youtu.be/LKukh6xRYzI

Cover of Hello by Adele: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.miz.37/videos/708576339286959/?pnref=story


Here is a performance from deal stock in New Jersey: https://youtu.be/BEZixgAxQo4


If you’re interested in seeing more from this band / this artist: look up

  • Spontaneous_motherlode on instagram and on YouTube.


  • Daniel miz on YouTube, Facebook and instagram.