Glitch Hop Music


I can’t. I just can’t handle Glitch Hop Music. Honestly, I won’t say I hate Glitch music because hate is a very strong word. However, I rather listen to christmas carols rather than Glitch Hop music. Again, this is my opinion and I hope nobody is offended by this blog. I do understand that Glitch music has its own growing fan base as well.

So, what is Glitch Hop Music? Nobody really knows. There is no rules to the BPM. At one point, it sounds a lot like Dup Step, but at another, it sounds like a bunch of Minions from Despicable Me, talking and burping at the same time. No joke listen to this.

The Beginning Sounds Like Minions Talking & Burping

Of course, you have to watch at least one Despicable Me movie to understand this comparison/joke.


According to google, “Glitch hop is a genre that has picked up significant steam and recognition over the past year. Glitch hop’s characteristics vary greatly, making the genre one of the more loosely defined in electronic music.”

That is the best solid definition I can get.

However, GLITCH MUSIC is basically a genre of electronic music that came out during the 1990s. GLITCH HOP MUSIC is fairly new and trending. Personally, I know a couple of friends that are amongst my generation that enjoy Glitch Hop Music. When I think of Glitch Hop Music, I think of a very electric upbeat sound that I would often hear in a Japanese or anime based game like Dance Dance Revolution. Funny thing is, I looked up Glitch music on youtube and many of the songs were played with some sort of Anime background. Enjoy this Youtube link to the “Best of Glitch Hop January 2015”.

Best Of Glitch Hop January 2015

Why do I not like this genre? Maybe I am getting to old. I didn’t grow up with it. It is too loud and chaotic for me. Not that I don’t like loud or unorganized music but the electronic feel and sound is just not my thing. Honestly, I don’t enjoy Dupstep, Electro, House, or any other EDM as well. I just chose Glitch Hop Music because I have a friend that is super into it and thought it would be fun to do a blog on it and get more insight.

Didn’t really change anything.

I prefer songs with more of a solid set lyric that hits me in the feels, like Adele. No seriously, I enjoy ballads, country, rap, rock, metal, whatever that can make me feel. Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing? Listened to it this morning. Loved it. Anyways, I prefer music with “real” instruments and actual lyrics or groove or sound that portrays some sort of message of the artist or band. Glitch Hop Music just makes me think of jumping cyborg bunnies.

Again, I am sure not everybody agrees with my taste of music! Still, that is why music is so great! We may disagree on one or two genres but we have 100s of others that we can agree on and jam with!

Enjoy the rest of the greatest hits of Glitch Hop!

1 Hour of Glitch Hop (No need to thank me)

Another hour of Glitch Hop

Thank you for reading! Hope no feelings were hurt.

Dennis K.