Mississippi John Hurt, the fingerpicking guitarist

John Hurt grew up in the Mississippi hill country town of Avalon. He was a guitarist with an extraordinarily lyrical and refined fingerpicking style. His voice was filled with a warmth unique in the field of blues. Furthermore, the gospel influence in his music presented it with depth and reflective quality which was strange with the field. His acclaimed fame began by him being spotted by a scout for Okeh Records, during the time they had passed through Avalon in 1927. He was signed immediately after auditions.

Grew up as a farm laborer, he knew hard work and dedication. He brought those qualities with his songs and performances. His gifted hands on the guitar made him exceptional to the audience during his concerts. Despite his soft and articulate playing style, his voice was too plain to be taken serious in a mass audience. He didn’t shy away from those critics, because his music spoke for it self eventually. Compared to Furry Lewis and Blind Blake their voice was strong within a mass setting unlike John Hurt. But, his unique style of singing and playing his guitar to create that sweet melody music helped his fame to be recognized.

He had some great collect of hits that sold very well during his time. Such songs including, “Frankie,” “Louis Collins,” “Avalon Blues,” “Candy Man Blues,” and more were all brilliant and unusual as blues, in his own way, but still were highly influential on subsequent generations of musicians. Later on his life, he was given the opportunity to perform to a mass audience for his songs 35 years late. Mississippi John Hurt was an influential figure in the blues era and just in terms of music. His music speaks for it self especially in his unique style of playing, telling his stories within his musics. Along in his career he stay humble and hard working and never sought fame or fortune from his music. He was a pure musician, playing for himself and the smallest possible number of audience. Eventually his music became popular and influential in the blues era and to other famous artist of blues.