A Level of Stardom that can’t be Reached Anymore


Bing Crosby’s solo music career began soon after the microphone was invented. This advancement represented a giant leap in recording quality, thus greatly increasing the scope and appeal of the music industry.

Because of this, aspiring musicians of the day had the opportunity of claiming ‘first’ in many different regards.

“First Music Superstar”

Crosby’s warm, relaxed vocals – reminiscent of early Jazz – captivated the nation. That’s not to say people had never heard this style of singing before, but rather that it had not been recorded. Before microphones, the mechanical process of recording sound would require a singer to strain their voice in order to be registered.

Here is a compilation that a YouTube user compiled of some of Crosby’s best songs.


Persona may have been the biggest factor in setting Bing Crosby apart from the other singers of his time, evidenced in his crossover success with acting. Indeed, Crosby became one of the biggest box office draws in Hollywood.

Crosby’s domination of film, music, and radio allowed him to reach a level of stardom that is rarely seen, and that which is unlikely to ever be seen again looking to the future. The reason for this, is that throughout the 20th Century, large companies had complete control over the media people consumed. If something wasn’t pedaled through their distribution networks, then it couldn’t be seen or heard.  In this way, Crosby’s access to the suppliers of media made him ubiquitous on a backdrop of limited options.

In contrast, this day and age allows access to media by anyone and everyone. Modern superstars like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are sure to shine more dimly on a backdrop of unlimited options.

By David Joseph