The Blossoming 20th Century


The 1920s marked the beginning of what was known as the modern music era. A couple of years prior new technologies have been made like wax cylinders to play back records, flat discs to reproduce sound and the replacement of acoustical recordings by electrical recordings. Not to mention commercial radio which all helped expand the music industry at this time.

During this era popular music was Jazz, Blues and Broadway. Some influential/ popular artists creating Jazz music was Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. For Blues lovers, Mamie Smith and Lonnie Johnson. Now for Broadway fanatics you could listen to Eddie Cantor and Sophie Tucker. This is to name a few artists of course, the list goes on.

One of the most popular dances of the 20th century was called the ” The Charleston” originating from Charleston, South Carolina and composed by James P. Johnson everybody was “Runnin’ Wild” with this new dance. “Runnin’ Wild” was a broadway show where “The Charleston” became a hit. “The Charleston” is a dance where the heel of your foot is off the ground relying on your tiptoes. You move one leg in front and the other in the back as you alternate swinging your arms left to right or back and forth. It’s a few simple steps, cheerful and fun.

Dominic Napolitano