Work Work Work Work…anything but Anti

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An infectious inaudible un deciphering use of verbage herald by a Dancehall sample. The Bajan Princess does it again and again and again. Work is the work of an earworm that has become what Pop music is made of and to an extent become. No substance, no thought provoking themes of yesteryear just the connotation of sexual innuendo ,cat and mouse play,don’t get me started on the video (two at that) ,what a waist of a treatment.

Much hasn’t changed from the past, fast forward to today, we feed and fester on the areola of todays larger than life Pop stars. We nurse on the milk that if we truly think about it, doesn’t do a body good. I myself have been malnourished from the incessant airplay to a degree. My biased approach to Work however has caused me to develop a soft heart in my chest cavity for the tune. I hail from the island nation Jamaica from which the sample was taken so for me the original stands out when put up against Rihanna’s version. first release in 1998 entitled  Take me away a proud moment for the original singer of the Sail Away “riddim”  Richie Stephens who lets be honest is going to get Paid !

Much isn’t required to like a Pop song these days a catchy beat, and something you can dance to seems to be the recipe for todays new crop of listeners and sampling a practice that will never go out of style. but, let me not be a cynic there is a breed of underground listeners and artists who are truly Anti, unlike the title itself what Rihanna tries to achieve in my opinion is less than stellar and anything but anti. The formula is the same time and time again, maybe I’m expecting to much. she’s an entertainer not a singer. and to a degree ill give her that, she has done much for the visibility of Dancehall music,(a hybrid of reggae) as a face.

The work Rihanna puts into  Anti seems rather depressing not to mention the high jacking of Impalas “New person same old mistake” simply entitled Same ol mistake, I’ll say, its the same darn song , no brownie points for originality, so much for putting in work.Cant she just go back to the girl from Music of the Sun an album I heavily bootlegged and I’ll even take umbrella eh eh eh…. She surely has a penchant for repetition. I’m not anti Rihanna I might just be anti this direction she has taken; well really I have been !for years. but like all malnourished listeners  lets just say Work might just be Pon di replay !

This is The Original