Radiohead is finally touring again. This will be their first series of live performances since 2012. They were said to be appearing in a few festivals this summer, but have actually announced that they will be going on a world tour as well starting in May. It is rumored that a new album is soon to be released as well.

Radiohead has been going strong since 1985. They are an English rock band, that consists five members, Tom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, and Phillip Selway. Radiohead released there first single “Creep” in 1992. The song did not gain much success, but surprisingly made a comeback and gained worldwide success when they released their first album Pablo Honey in 1993. Their second album The Bends, in 1995, shot them to popularity in the United Kingdom and their third album Okay Computer, in 1997, set them off into a world of international fame. Since then, they have released five additional albums. Their ability to transform and incorporate various styles of music in their work, allows them to remain relevant.

Radiohead’s latest album The King of Limbs  is their eighth album. The King of Limbs It is evident that this album focuses on rhythm. It differs from past albums, being that this album has the least songs yet. Despite the difference in instrumental focus, the album still has the Radiohead feel, which is carried on through Tom Yorke’s voice. This album definitely incorporates a modern feel with it incorporates electronic sounds. The outcome is beautiful and although it is evidently different from the other albums it is ust a great and deserves a listen.