Off The Wall (MJ)


The album (collection of songs) I chose to talk about was Michael Jackson’s 1979, Off the Wall album. Being a huge Michael Jackson fan. I know that this album is one of Michael’s underrated ones especially compared to THRILLER and BAD. This was the album that gave Michael his breakout moment as an adult solo artist without his brothers in the background. Let me start by explaining how much of a Masterpiece this album really is !!! This is when Michael and Quincy Jones first worked together on an album after filming for The Wiz wrapped up. This album, Michael experimented with R&B, Disco, Soul,Pop and Funk. The songs range from energetic dance grooves like “Off the Wall”, “Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough”, “Working Day & Night”, “Burn This Disco Out” to classic and smooth slow jams like “She’s Out Of My Life”, “Girlfriend” and “It’s the Falling In Love”. Then the eclectic “Rock with You” that falls right in the middle. On this album, Michael strongly defined his artistry and what we could expect in the future for his sound establishing a distinction millions would correlate to his music. What especially comes to mind is the vocal distinctions Michael first introduced on this album from the “Oooooo” to the “Heeeeee” to the “Shamoneee” which makes listening to these songs even more special. This body of work was and still is legendary only representing just a peek at the creativity , skill, brilliance and genius Michael really possessed.