The Queen of Soul

“Lady Soul” by Aretha Franklin was a hit album released in 1968, two years after her signing with Atlantic records. It was at that time that she really peaked, Atlantic records knew what to do with Franklin’s talent. It seemed to be a perfect fit for her. The album hit 1, 2 and 3 on Billboard’s Black Album, Pop Album and Jazz Album. The Album features Bobby Womack, Eric Clapto and even her sisters, Erma and Carolyn. During a difficult time in America with the Vietnam war, “Chain of Fools” became Franklin’s top hits. At the very start of that song guitarist, Joe South lures listeners in paving the way for Franklin to sing her soul out. “Natural Woman” is one of her most well known songs showing her vulnerable qualities as well as assertiveness. “Natural Woman” was written and recorded by Carol king but will probably always be associated with Aretha Franklin.
Franklin sings a variety of genres from Gospel to Soul/Rhythm, Pop and Blues. Franklin has Gospel roots that shine through songs like “People Get Ready”. Her performances have been remarkable, 11 songs have been selected or co-written by her which really shows her various talents. Not only can she sing, play the piano but she can write and have authority in her music. In 1968, Aretha Franklin was publicly crowned the Queen of Soul by DJ Purvis Spann. She is known for singing so passionately and straight from her soul.