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All of the artists that we have studied this semester have hit calibers of fame and success that sadly only a few artists are able to experience. I hope one day that I’m able to appear in this class as an accomplished artist and musician. In this blog I will give a synopsis of my artistry and how it has expanded through other artists and projects.

Evan J. –  a 20 year old native from Riverdale, New York, who combines his strong upbringing of Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Classical music, in order to create a distinctive profile as one of the most humble, dexterous, and talented drummers to ever branch out of the Tri-State Area. Evan is currently playing for the New Mount Zion Baptist Church in Harlem NY, as well as being featured as the head percussionist for Indie-Pop singer, Shenna.

Recently, Evan J. became a session drummer for Atlantic Records under their R&B/Neo Soul division.

B i o g r a p h y

On July 2nd, 1995, North Bronx, NY , Evan R. Johnson was born to Michael and Renee Johnson. At a very young age, music intrigued his interest. His desire for soulful, Neo-Soul filled beats and playing style derived from early years of Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and Earth, Wind, & Fire playing throughout his home during his early adolescence.

At age 12, upon Evan’s attendance at Jonas Bronck Academy (Bronx, NY) middle school , he was introduced to the drums by a popular, local community music program called Renaissance E.M.S. The program provided musical instruments and vocal training to various schools in the Bronx, in order to build a strong sense of musical identity within children and vow to keep music as an important curriculum to the educational system. Evan’s first two years of the program consisted of music theory and playing the congas.

However, as Evan progressed, he would eventually move on to playing the snare in the program’s marching band, and eventually unto the entire set. During these early years, Evan was taught percussion theory, strong ear play, musical elements, and vocals.

Evan would go on to utilize these skills at A. Philip Randolph High School (Manhattan, NY) , becoming the lead drummer for the school band. During this time, Evan had also been invited by his father to play at Greater Mount Hermon Baptist Church (Bronx, NY). This would be Evan’s first experience playing within the gospel genre; thus building him even stronger over the next four years in order to prepare him for his upcoming opportunity to play at New Mount Zion Baptist Church for Rev. Carl L. Washington in Harlem N.Y.

Present day, Evan’s musical talents continue to grow. In addition to the rising development of his musical attributes, his professional modeling career is also beginning to expand. Evan has done various shoots promoting urban clothing companies such as Suburbans, The Tigger, and a winter post for Urban Outfitters.

At age 20, as a junior at Hunter College and currently the head percussionist for Indie-Pop, R&B singer, Shenna, he has already performed before thousands of spectators including various venues and programs such as The Howard Theater, St. John’s Baptist Church, The Alphabet Lounge, Coco 66, and many more…

Evan J. aspires to be one of the most influential, percussionists in the industry. Evan manages to still contain a humbling, curious personality while giving thousands of fans music that they can enjoy and appreciate.

If you want to check out more on my drumming and the bands I play for, check me out http://ejrobertmed.wix.com/evanjmusic.

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