Your Rebel Friends


Your Rebel Friends is a band I was involved in from 2011-2013. My friend Ben who studied bass at Berklee school of music had moved home after graduation and he needed a vocalist for his new recordings. He already was involved in a abstract band and was looking to do more of a solo project with a larger band. Your Rebel Friends was made up of myself and Sammi Garrett on lead vocals, Ben Backus on Bass, Lucas Brode and Charlie Costa on guitar and Eric Castillo on drums.

We had an indie-lo-fi sound. Although Ben was the primary songwriter he allowed me to contribute with harmonies I created over his melodies. Ben definitely wrote metaphorical and poetic lyrics. A few of his songs are actually based on his love for Game of Thrones. “Brienne” is about his favorite character, a strong female warrior. My personal favorite is “Outlanders.” it was the most fun to record and it has the strongest harmony. They layered vocals are extremely powerful. Along with that, Glorious Gold has a very upbeat pop tempo but with an indie sound.

We played at various venues around Brooklyn including Trash Bar before it closed and Music Hall of Williamsburg. We also played around Westchester. Although the life of this band was short I have some really great memories. Being a part of a band is wonderful because you feel like you’re part of a team who are as passionate about music as you are. On top of that I was the only member of the band who hadn’t studied my instrument at a conservatory program so I felt very lucky to be associated with them.