Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Guitarist, Producer, and Mixer

For as long as I can remember, music has been the center of my identity. I spent all of middle school and high school recording my own songs in my bedroom. I played clarinet in band in elementary school, took 8 years of piano lessons, taught myself to play the guitar, and taught myself how to record demos on GarageBand.

(DISCLAIMER: It’s been a long time since I’ve written and recorded new material, sadly. School/interning/waitressing takes up all of my time and I want to cry when people ask me if I still make music. The following recordings are at least 2+ years old.)

When I was four years old, I discovered my great grandmother’s upright baby grand piano. I remember the first song I ever wrote on that piano: I was simulating a thunderstorm. I would trill the highest two keys repeatedly to mimic raindrops, occasionally strike middle C for a dash of lightning, and I would pound the lowest keys because it sounded like thunder.

When I turned 8, my grandparents offered to start paying for me to take piano lessons, and gifted me a Yamaha electric keyboard to practice with. I ended up taking piano lessons with the same teacher until I turned 16. I was always writing lyrics and always creating new melodies on the piano. I received my first acoustic guitar and MacBook with GarageBand when I turned 13. I would rip out Britney Spears’ album cover and replace it with my own album cover created out of Microsoft Word Art. I was determined to be the next big pop artist.

I made my first GarageBand demo when I was 13 years old. It was a song called “Tell Me.” I wrote it about my best friend’s struggle to get her crush to notice her (so middle school.) Here is the first song I ever wrote, played, and recorded. I autotuned the shit out of the vocals because I was 13 and thought that was awesome. The only real instrument on here is the acoustic guitar, which I very skillfully play about 4 notes on to comprise the melody (the rest of the background music consists of garageband loops):

Here is the studio recorded version, which I played acoustic and electric guitar on… my producer played the drums:

The following is a song I wrote called Breathe Without You. I wrote the melody on a real piano, but because my only recording technology was a USB microphone, I had to type in the notes into GarageBand and have a synth piano play it for me. I sat on my bed and recorded the following song in my room over a period of 8 consecutive hours when I was 16.

This is a song I recorded in studio, called Runaway, which I wrote after my 28 year old uncle committed suicide in his home. I played the acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, wrote the synth string melody, and my producer played drums:

Here is my most recent recording, called Cold Feet. I recorded the guitar part and sang the vocals. The rest of the music are loops from garageband. I had upgraded to a Golden Age Project XLR condenser mic for this recording.

Here is a song I wrote when I was like 13 called Pretty Little Heart. I started recording this in studio and never finished it. The following clip has the instruments I recorded which I played all of myself except drums, the prechorus and the chorus. I wish I had time to finish this recording.

So yeah, I spent a lot of time writing lyrics, playing instruments, and working on recording my own stuff over the years. Sadly I don’t have the hours of free time I used to have to spend making music. However, I did an internship at a radio station and now am doing an internship in the VIP ticketing department for Warner Music Group. I am really counting on my Media Studies degree and internships to land me a career working in the music industry. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my corny little pop diva tracks from the late 2000s. I really wanted to be Britney Spears/ Taylor Swift.