Tony Turner The (Music?) Artist

Egyptian Spider !!!

Wow !!! I never thought I would ever get the chance to talk about this again. Lol. Back in highschool, I had the great opportunity of taking a music production class in late 2011. The class was an amazing experience and we learned about the aspects and history  of the music industry. My father and uncle are into rapping and music production and after hearing their work, I’ve always wanted to give it a try. We each got our own flash drive and chance to use the Propellerhead Reason music production program software which is basically dedicated to creating and conducting your own beats like a record producer. Every week, we were in full control of each beat and syncopation we created following guidelines for that week’s assignment. Then came our final project where our teacher told us to make our own song !!! We had to write the entire song lyrics, create the beat for it, and record our vocals on it (rapping or singing) like professionals. I was thrilled with this.

In the previous weeks before I took this music production class,  I became heavily interested in writing songs and even kept a notebook specifically with song lyrics I wrote. So, at this point, I already had a nice selection of at least 10 songs personally written by me, the only task was choosing one. I was feeling really inspired by Michael Jackson at this point in time (as always) and also with Prince (R.I.P) so I decided to think outside the box. I chose a song I wrote named “Egyptian Spider”. This song was not a typical pop song with cookie cutter lyrics one would hear on the radio, it was a unique testament to my artistic expression. I have a love for other cultures, especially different destinations and animals. This came from always watching the National Geographic channel at night. The whole idea of “Egyptian Spider” came to me one night as I was watching a documentary about Egypt and the animals that live in its deserts.  I made the beat have a mid tempo reggae island feel with a sample of Phyllis Hyman’s voice in the background of the song. I loved it.  So, it finally came time for me to record my song in the closet of the classroom (Lol) and once the microphone was plugged in, I just took a deep breath and did it. I sang the verses and rapped the chorus and the bridge of the song. I even added a few “Heeeee” and “Shamone” as an ode to Michael. This process took me a week and once I heard the finished product, I was very proud of myself. Of course, there was certain parts I wanted to re record or take out but we were on a time constraint. But to know I made a full song by myself with help from no one was and still is a sense of accomplishment.  When it was all said and done, I was so enthusiastic that I even made my own “single cover” art for the song pictured above.  I let my friends and family listen to it, and although they laughed when they first heard it, they were excited and liked it too. It was a surreal feeling. I have had my song saved on my IPod til this very day. This was a great experience and at some point, I want to continue my musical journey by buying my own equipment and creating my own musical content I will upload to YouTube. I never know what could happen or who may be the special person to come across it.  ♪ ♫ ♪