Slai is a French singer, maiden name Patrice Sylvestre. Slai sings under the Zouk- R&B music genre from 1998 until the present time. He’s originally from Guadeloupe, a French based island in the southern Caribbean Sea. Slai is not only an artist but a successful producer as well. He spent his 20’s in Guadeloupe really listening to Zouk and Reggae music. Zouk is a type of music originating in the French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.
The term “Zouk” actually means party in the Creole language. Zouk was first popularized in 1980 by the French Antillean band, Kassav’. Zouk is a style of music and dance. Zouk can be described as having a slow rhythm combined with a heart beat like base. Zouk is slow, soft and sexual with a little pizzazz in the beat.
Later on, Slai returned to France where he collaborated with Guy Bordey who was an author and performer primarily of West Indian music. Slai and Bordey created BS Productions where they released Fresh. Slai then decided to tour the French Antilles making “Flamme”, from his recently released album into a huge hit! “Flamme” is a sweet song where Slai sings about love for a woman and how he feels with her. “Flamme” means Flame in English.

Some of the lyrics read:
“Je te veux toi, rien que pour moi
Longtemps j’ai attendu et maintenant l’heure est venue de t’avouer
Tout l’amour que j’ai pour toi”

Translated to English:
“I want you, only for me
Long I have waited and now the hour has come to tell you of
All the love that I have for you”

A really sweet song, some people call Slai the French Usher. After this song, instead of just being recognized in France, he was then recognized and appreciated all throughout the French Speaking Caribbean. Hopefully with more recognition he’ll be making way into the United States. After all who wouldn’t love a second Usher?