71gwuvp82bgl-_sl1500_Yuna is a Malaysian singer-songwriter whose music echo’s 90s R&B music sometimes. I discovered Yuna recently through her cover song “Hotline Bling” on Tumblr. I most likely would’ve never clicked to play the audio file due to my passionate dislike of the original track.

However, I recognized that she wore a hijab and to support another Muslim sister and hijabi as myself, I listened to her take on the song and ended up listening to her version the rest of the day… and maybe the rest of the week. Obviously, after that, I checked out her other works and found out about her own fashion label: November Culture.

The multi-talented artist began putting her music on MySpace and online success eventually attracted the attention of Indie-pop management Fader Label, based in New York. From her EP Decorate, “Rocket” gained attention from Billboard magazine, indie rock radio station KEXP and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

In 2012, she came out with a new single “Live Your Life,” produced by Pharrell Williams. That summer, she shared the stage with Florence + The Machine, Jack white and Childish Gambino. Apparently she was also the first runner-up of MTV Iggy’s Best New Bands in the World. I don’t know what MTV Iggy is but I’m happy for her achievements.

The 29-year old has an album called “Chapters” that has just come out this month, featuring collaborations with Usher and DJ Premier. I’ve listened to the single “Crush” so far which I think is pretty cute. I just can’t believe I never heard of her earlier! If you enjoy indie music with a splash of R&B, check her out! Her voice is absolutely lovely.