Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book

Born Chancelor Bennett, Chance the Rapper is a force to be reckoned with. The Chicago native rapper is taking the music industry by storm. Being Kanye West’s protege, the 23-year-old man is on his way to stardom with his unique sound. Chance the Rapper’s second mixtape, Acid Rap, was widely praised by fans of the artist as well as critics. His lyricism, great-spirit, and lively beats led to his accumulation of fans and supporters. Despite his newfound fame, however, after the release of his second mixtape, Chance refused to accept any deals with labels and remained an independent artist. His first mixtape 10 Day as well as Acid Rap were not sold, but rather made available to stream for free on sites like SoundCloud.

Coloring Book (also referred to as Chance 3) is the rapper’s third mixtape in his career. His unique sound is demonstrated in this most recent installment. Chance pairs his smooth rhymes with sleek beats and a choir and creates something profound. His sound is something truly original and innovative for a genre in an industry the relies heavily on objectifying women, speaks proudly of excessive drug use, and talks in arrogance of how many stacks they have.

Chance’s upbeat songs evoke happiness and provides music its listeners can dance to. In the opening track to Coloring Book “All We Got” Chance praises his girlfriend and daughter and uses an eclectic array of instruments to back his vocals. Throughout most his songs, particularly “Blessings” (one of two songs with the same name on his mixtape), Chance refers to his religious beliefs and considers his talent and his fame blessings. He also throws in fun jams like “All Night” which refers to a night out full of fun and adventures.

His song, “Mixtape,” his the hardest songs when it comes to a ‘lit’ rap song. The song refers to the fact that all three of his albums (as well as collaboration) have been released for free. The chorus proposes the question if he truly is the only person that cares about and values music, since his artistry has been released for free. This song also points to Chance’s annoyance with the music industry and the Grammy’s specifically; in order to be a nomination for a Grammy, the artist must release music that makes a profit – in other words, no mixtapes are eligible to win an award.

His last song on the album (which is also titled) “Blessings” is recorded in a way that resembles spoken-word poetry. The metaphors and inspiration drawn from his faith, make a song that should be noted for its artistry as well as being a lovely song. This piece of music really illustrates how great of an artist Chance is. This song alone should be appreciated for what it is: art.

Chance the Rapper is on his way to becoming a living legend. He will leave a great mark on the music industry and change the game of how an artist should feel about his/her craft. Through each and every one of his songs, it is apparent that he is in love with creating music, he is happy doing it, and there is passion in his eyes. We are all lucky enough to witness this legend in the making.