Daya “Sit Still Look Pretty”

Grace Martine Tandon known on stage as Daya is a rising star in the midst. At the age of three she was eager to take piano lessons and later she went on for vocal lessons. She has been passionate about her work since the beginning of her time. Daya is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and climbed the music charts as a 16 year old. In 2014 she signed with the Z-entertainment label. In a matter of a year she released “Hide away” and “Sit Still Look Pretty”. Both song rose to the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Though Daya is relatively young in the music industry her two top songs are powerful to young girls finding their way in this world. “Sit Still Look Pretty” recently released expresses girl’s strength in a way that’s catchy and easy to love. Daya sings on about how she (or girls) can do anything and that she’s not made to be a stay home housewife. Daya in less than three minutes tears apart woman’s stereotype of gender roles. Women are created to do whatever they please. With the fast paced tempo and her high but soothing voice she’s becoming highly influential to the younger generation. With the pop genre that is circling now in the music industry Daya has created her own style that’s unlike what’s out there now.

Her words are powerful, her voice is high, and the music is always catching mass audiences…who knows she might be even better than the infamous Taylor Swift. We will just have to wait and see.