Song Bird

When I was 5 years old, I learned to play the piano and the keyboard which to me, I always considered to be a portable piano. When I got to the third grade, every student was required to play the flute and the recorder. Once again, I didn’t see a major difference between the two instruments. By the time I was 10, I joined a children’s choir where I started to sing and found a love for it. I started off as an alto and worked my way up to become a first soprano; it was winning first place in a race. I ran track in high school but I digress. Music is a big influence in my life because it has helped me express myself in various ways. My earliest memory of listening to music on the radio is Avril Lavigne and Pink; back when they were considered pop-rock artists.Then along came the soulful signings of Alicia Keys and the R&B tunes of Beyonce. I loved how with each artist’s music, they were able to tell stories that related to my everyday life. When my parents were getting divorced, Pink’s “Family Portrait” helped me cope. The song was sentimental because it was about her own parent’s splitting up  and all the pain it caused. The song comforted me because it let me know that I had someone who understood the pain I felt. If you knew me personally today, you would know that I”m a songbird to the fullest. I sing EVERYWHERE. In the shower, at work, walking my dog, etc. I find myself acting out many song portrayals. Not much in public but more to myself. I feel as though it’s a healthy way to just keep yourself upbeat. Not every song is that way but just like we go through the motions in life, music helps us go through the emotions in life.