HAIM- Girls Rule


For this last blog post, I really wasn’t sure which artist to write about. I was inspired by last class when we talked about girl bands so I went to Google and typed in “girl bands.” I didn’t want to write about a band from years ago but tried to find a band that was still active today in 2016. I stumbled upon the girl band, Haim. I had never heard of them but apparently they are a part of Taylor Swift’s legendary “Squad.” I tried not to let that deter me from listening to them because her “Squad” is beyond corny.

Haim hails from Los Angeles and is made up of three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana, whose last name happens to be Haim. They are signed to Roc Nation which is Jay Z’s record label. I find it interesting that Jay Z would have a band with their sound signed since he is a rapper. All three girls play their own instruments which is awesome. They released their first album titled Days Are Gone in 2013 and they were nominated for a Grammy in 2015.

Their sound is like a mix of rock and 80s pop. This mix of genres is kind of what I find cool about them. Almost every song on the album has a hook that I liked. Their voices are not too high pitched and obnoxious to listen to but are quite soothing. I really enjoy the beats and flow of the songs especially “Falling” and the foot tapping song, “The Wire.” The music video for “The Wire” is stupidly funny. The three girls are breaking up with their boyfriends and the guys are the ones that are so upset, crying, and calling each other on the phone to cry. Its a fun switcheroo and refreshing to see the guy being upset because society always makes it look like the guy in the relationship is the king and he breaks up with his girlfriend, she is so upset and he is unaffected by it cause he’s just too cool.

If you watch videos of them performing, they make some intense faces and snarls which is hilarious. It just shows that they are so into their music and love performing. I really like their sound and have added this album onto my Spotify. I look forward to hearing more from Haim.

-Jennifer Rivera