John Legend (Blog Post 1)



       Born as John Roger Stephens in Springfield, Ohio, John Legend had begun his music career at a very young age.  He started singing for his Church choir at four years old and started playing the piano at just seven years old. When he turned 12 years old, he attended a public high school called North High School.  Mr. Legend is not only an amazing musician but a very bright human being as well.  He graduated Salutatorian in high school and received a college offer from Harvard and scholarships to Georgetown, Morehouse College, and the University of Pennsylvania.  He ended up committing to the University of Pennsylvania and majored in English with a concentration on African-American literature. While in College, Mr. Legend made sure he was part of the musical scene.  He was president and musical director of a jazz/pop acapella group called “Counterparts.” He was introduced by a friend to a very well-known artist by the name of Lauryn Hill, who hired him to play the piano for her song “Everything is Everything.”

After College, Mr. Legend began writing, producing and recording his own music.  A man by the name of Devo Springsteen was actually the person who introduced John Legend to an up-and-coming artist by the name of Kanye West. After proving himself and doing some tracks with Kanye, he signed up with West’s record label.  Shortly after singing with Kanye, he chose his stage name from a poet named J. Ivy who called Legend’s music “an old school sound” and that his voice reminded him of some of the “legends.” J. Ivy thus began calling John Roger Stephens, John Legend instead.  Everyone caught on to the new name and John announced his new artist name as John Legend.

Mr. Legend’s debut album, “Get Lifted,” was released in 2004.  The album went platinum, thanks in part to a huge hit single called “Ordinary People,” which is personally one of my favorite songs of all time.  In 2006, Mr. Legend won three Grammy Awards including one for Best R&B album that earned him even more awards, including Best New Artist and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.  After that, he began receiving calls left and right from different successful artists and was featured in many records for the coming years.  Mr. Legend turned himself into a music icon and continues his amazing career today.

John Legend’s music is not just any another R&B record, it is one that speaks to the heart and opens up the soul.  His voice alone captivates millions around the world and artists from all different genres appreciate and admire his work.  His unique tone can have you in awe from the moment he picks up the mic to the moment he plays that final note on his piano.  I have admired John Legend’s voice and music career ever since I can remember. A main reason I really love John Legend is that he is not just another musician who dropped out of school, he is a very bright and educated person who translates very well to his music.  His hard work and passion for music has made him a very successful musician and one of the most famous artists to date. When he retires or decides to take a little break from making music, I believe his songs will continue to fill people’s soul and his legend and music will live on forever.