The Theory of Everything Soundtrack


Music has always been responsible for the tone of a film scene. Music is what adds the mood and portrays the substance of a scene, adding a certain profoundness that could not be expressed with any amount of words or physical gestures. Therefore, if a soundtrack is made just for a particular movie that is based on a true story, encapsulated with the depth of human experience, it is bound to be magical – which this soundtrack in particular, by all measures, is.

As I was watching the movie, The Theory of Everything two years ago, I was struck by how skilled and amazing the performance of the each of the actors was, how meaningful the film’s message of time and human experience was, but most importantly and memorably, I was dazed by the stunning classical melodies that were shaped and inspired by these experiences. It seemed as though each scene was perfectly laced in a track that with each note, either highlighted the emotional pain of the individuals, or set a light upon the glistening happiness of their hearts in moments that they were cast in throughout a scene.

The movie takes begins in the 1960’s and proceeds to tell the story of Stephen Hawking, the physicist who comes to learn of his rare motor neuron disease at the young age of 21, and is told that he only has a very short amount of time left to live. However, he meets Jane, and she breaks all of these medical predictions made by doctors, as she is the breath of energy, passion, and love that Hawking needs to go on to achieve impressive deeds in science and become one of the most famous figures in the field of physics for doing so. He gets married, starts a family, and continues to work on his study of time, which according to doctors is working against him and his disease.

The 27 track soundtrack, composed by Johann Johannsson, is by far in my opinion, one of the most spectacular tracks I have ever had the privilege of listening to. From bringing a tear to my eye and leading to nostalgic yet happy déjà vu, this classical soundtrack is definitely a masterpiece from Johannsson. The soundtrack was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Score as well as a Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack, and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. Johannsson was born in September of 1969 in Iceland. His work consists of mostly solo albums written for various media, such as films, television and theater.

My favorite tracks of the soundtrack are “Domestic Pressures,” “A Game of Croquet,” “The Dreams that Stuff is Made of,” and “Forces of Attraction.”

“Domestic Pressures” has a beautiful melody which continues throughout the entire piece, and this particular track is used throughout the film. It is reminiscent of a Christmas story, possibly instilling a mix of emotions into its listeners, of both nostalgia and mystery, perfectly fitting the theme of the movie. “A Game of Croquet” outlines the darker point of the film in which Hawking is no longer able to participate in all of the fun activities that him and Jane did when they first met, such as playing croquet, because of the toll that his disease begins to take on his body, leading to paralysis. “The Dreams that Stuff is Made of” similarly has a nostalgic melody which plays many times throughout the film as well, somewhat mapping Hawking’s story, and his fight against his disease and paralysis. Lastly, and possibly my favorite track, is “Forces of Attraction.” This track beautifully paints the love story of Jane and Hawking, and the tests that their relationship has to endure. Jane acts as the force to counter the effects of Hawking’s disease. In the end, she makes a beautiful family with him and gives him what he needed most of all, the love that would give him hope, and the time for it to have the chance to blossom into something beautiful.

Please give a listen below! The tracks are listed. Enjoy!

–Natalia Troubitch (Blog Post #1)

Track list:
00:00 – 01 Cambridge, 1963
01:41 – 02 Rowing
03:23 – 03 Domestic Pressures
06:00 – 04 Chalkboard
07:05 – 05 Cavendish Lab
09:37 – 06 Collapsing Inwards
11:54 – 07 A Game Of Croquet
14:39 – 08 The Origins Of Time
17:01 – 09 Viva Voce
18:37 – 10 The Wedding
20:20 – 11 The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of
22:12 – 12 A Spacetime Singularity
24:28 – 13 The Stairs
25:36 – 14 A Normal Family
27:17 – 15 Forces Of Attraction
29:21 – 16 Rowing (Alternative Version)
29:58 – 17 Camping
31:17 – 18 Coma
32:21 – 19 The Spelling Board
33:20 – 20 The Voice Box
34:12 – 21 A Brief History Of Time
36:14 – 22 Daisy, Daisy
38:35 – 23 A Model Of The Universe
41:28 – 24 The Theory Of Everything
42:36 – 25 London, 1988
45:29 – 26 Epilogue
47:18 – 27 The Whirling Ways Of Stars That Pass