Michelle Wong

My Favorite Artist

2016 has been the ultimate year of music, where new sounds such as house, tropical, electrical started gaining popularity. So many pop artists came out with incredible albums that feature new and unique music, but my favorite has to be Kygo. This Norwegian young music producer/DJ came out with music that we’ve all never heard before, that offers us relaxing vibes, but also stirs up our emotions as listeners.

Kygo uses a piano keyboard, as well as digital audio workstations to make music arrangements. He transitions the traditional classical sounds of piano to something people didn’t expect. The first song that gained him a big popularity was the song “Firestone”. This song is a slow jam, which starts out with keyboards, and then some slow beats. His chosen artist for the song was Conrad, who has an extremely mellow voice and has a high vocal range. In the chorus, Conrad’s voice builds up higher and higher, and then boom, the beat drops. Then you just hear the original keyboard notes playing again, but along with the fast pace beats. Although the whole song speeds up, it is still soothing and relaxing to the ear.

After his big hit, he came out with Cloud Nine, which features a bunch of songs that are a little bit different from “Firestone” but still are in the category of chill jams. This album is all about hope, “Rage”, and being on edge of fear. Compared to “Firestone” which was a song about escaping to a somewhere with a loved one, his album Cloud Nine, was all about hope in darkness, forgiving in wrongs, escaping, and breaking up. A few of his songs like, “Stay” and “Coming Over”, a collaboration with James Hershey, is about begging a lover to stay and come to them. It is about the verge of losing someone, or losing trust, and parting ways, but asking for their forgiveness and coming back. Aside from his sad upbeat songs about breakups, he also created songs about hope, and hanging in there for one another, like “Carry Me”, which made it to the 2016 Olympics closing. This was a monumental moment because Kygo was the first electrical artist that performed at the Olympics.

Despite his original songs he arranged, my favorite is the remix of Marvin Gaye’s, “Sexual Healing”. I came across this song randomly on sound cloud. I already loved this song of Marvin Gaye’s to death. It gives off a chill vibe in the original, about just kicking it back with his baby, and asking for “some loving”. Somehow Kygo, made the song even more relaxing and chill. Marvin Gaye’s song turned from a bedroom sexual dream, to tropical island sex on the beach.

Kygo is considered an electrical music artist, but his songs make him stand out in the category. His slow jam tropical house music puts listeners in beaches in Muaii, and then when the beat drops, we transition ourselves to a EDM festival, waving hands in the air, jamming and jumping to the body moving musical arrangements. His music has such a distinct sound to it that by just hearing the first ten seconds, listeners could already figure out who the artist is. He also connects the audience, and sending listeners to a better and happier mental place. He is a breakthrough artist that will keep surprising his listeners with new music that we could never even imagine.