The Dreamy Everly Brothers


Michelle Wong


Blog Post #2

The Dreamy Everly Brothers

“Dream, dream, dream…” just like the dreamy voices, these lyrics smoothly infiltrated my mind. This song, “All I Have to Do is Dream” introduced me The Everly Brothers and became my ultimate favorite from the musicians. It starts with the sounds of an electrical guitar, leading into classic guitar strokes, and cueing the brothers’ serene voices. The song is a smooth blend of country and pop, which The Everly Brothers soon became known for.

The Everly Brothers, Don and Phil, had a strong musical background, being brought up by a guitarist father, Ike Everly who was also their musical influence, which is the reason why they debuted an album called, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. With a guitarist father, majority of The Everly Brothers’ songs used mainly guitar sounds, and later mixed with electrical guitar. Their songs were rock and roll, but you’d easily find strong country and pop influences here and there.

Like most rock and roll songs from late 50s to the late 60s, their songs were about young love. In “All I Have to Do is Dream”, they sung slowly about a dreamy girl their hearts desire, and wanting to hold her in their arms “night or day”. They are infatuated with this girl with “charm”, and how they want to kiss her, telling her, “taste your lips of wine”.

Even if things didn’t look bright for the relationship, they would sing it so nicely, like they did in, “So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)”. The song is about how the relationship went bad, but they’re reminiscing the “good times together” and how they “cry to see love die”. Different from “So Sad”, another of their well-known heartbreak song, “Bye Bye Love” was a more pop and upbeat track. Although they are singing farewell to their lovers, and that they had to say “bye bye to happiness”, the pop made greeting loneliness less painful. Even when they are singing about sadness and separation, their songs didn’t seem too blue.

The early Everly Brothers sang all about puppy love. Their music was so innocent and naive, which made it so admirable and attractive to me, compared to modern love songs, where artists name their girls, “bitches” and “hoes”. Their songs were concerned about purity and reputation of their relationships. For example in their song, “Wake Up Little Susie” singing how their “reputation is shot” because of going home later than 10 p.m. This tells us about how reputation of a couple mattered, since they were frolicking about “what are we gonna tell your ma, what are we gonna tell your pa, what are we gonna tell our friends.”

I appreciate the music and lyrics the dreamy Everly Brothers made. Sometimes we just hear so much modern pop about love, and forget how pure and simple it was. Listening to The Everly Brothers is so refreshing to me, because it takes me away from the harsh reality of temporary love nowadays, and puts me in a time where love was commitment, innocence and respect.

All I Have to do is Dream

Bye Bye Love

Wake Up Little Susie