very me(me)

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I present to you a disturbingly precise and pathetic meme that, in some measure, does mirror my shortcomings and fragile character. I thought about meaning and depth and all that jazz but nothing inspired me more than my own self-denigrating “humor,” if you will. Inspired by the numerous meme admins who also use silly stock photos ironically, I thought this would be a fun project. I had initially planned to include only a handful of dramatic stock photos and cringeworthy quotes to accompany the excessive description above but evidently, it got out of hand. I also added a few of my favorite I-am-currently-pitying-myself tunes for a real “victim” feel. I am not entirely sure this would resonate with anyone given that it is awfully explicit but yes, I would consider this an art piece; I might be artistically challenged but I think I can work with words and collages. Every corny image chosen can be tied to the overwhelming run-on sentence and comparably, to my actual life. A story within a story within a story, I guess. How Very Profound. Nonetheless, I am proud of this “art piece” because to a degree, it is an attack on my own character (as my closest friends and family members have confirmed) but it is simultaneously cathartic to indirectly accept your faults through… art. This type of “unrestrained” art.

Thank you for tolerating the headache that is this very blog post and also the headache that this post probably induced. 🙂