Reality TV

I have watched my fair share of reality television, particularly in regards to the lives of ordinary people dubbed “celebrities” – Mob Wives, all wives of all prominent cities…among several others that I might have intentionally repressed – and although they may have been gripping at the time when I, as a not-so-conscious viewer, watched them credulously, I have undoubtedly grown to find them an absolute waste of my time. The exaggerations, the over materialization, and just overall lack of genuine content makes them meaningless programs. Following different people around and documenting every aspect of their lives while simultaneously distorting the truth is distasteful when what is supposedly being promoted is “reality.” Most viewers eat it up regardless because people living eventful lives doesn’t seem too farfetched… and sure, drama is captivating but when this type of phony garbage is being aired as “reality” and the youth – being a significant portion of the audience – routinely tunes in, what ideals/message will they retain from it? Nothing wise that’s for sure. They will try to emulate these “figures” and I think we can all agree that the world really does not need any more people lacking substance in the spotlight. The television series, UnREAL, definitely puts this whole matter into perspective and I enjoy the series more than I could ever enjoy an actual reality tv show. At this point, though, I am utterly indifferent to the manipulated “reality” of “celebrities” considering I don’t watch any of it any more and… I think I’ve become a better person for it. Admittedly, however, other reality shows such as Catfish, Hoarders, My Strange Addiction, etc., that feature everyday people who are arguably beset with legitimate problems, have provided some sort of entertainment value for me but of course, they, too, are heavily edited and relatively brainless. The premise remains the same for all reality tv shows making them significantly less engrossing than actual television series (with complex plots) thus serving as yet another off putting flaw and further proving their insignificance, in my life at least.